KS803 Harmonic Standard Power Calibration

Item No.: 202001
Open protocol for software self-programming.
AC voltage sources: 3x900V@3x25VA, accuracy 0.05%
AC current sources: 3x30A@3x25VA, accuracy 0.05%
3-phase Harmonic Standard Power: 2-31x orders with 0.1 % accuracy
3-years guarantee of free repair, and life-long maintenance, Free software update and training
Description Specifications Advance Feature Ordering Instruction
Basic Functions
Applied to Grid Corporation of measurement testing centers, power companies and power plants measured ministries, national institutions at all levels of measurement tests, also applies to the railway, petroleum, chemical industry, large-scale industrial and mining enterprises and the meter manufacturers, etc.
Apply to the power sector, measurement department, quality inspection departments, research institutions, universities, etc.
Applies to other production and research & development enterprise of energy meter, power distribution terminals, power management, load control, power quality, and medium voltage reactive power compensation.
Open communications protocol to facilitate the secondary development for RTU / FTU / Power Management Terminal / Public variable measuring the terminal factory automatic verification.
Calibrating a variety Analog Digital meter of direct U/I instruments & frequency with DC/AC 0.05% accuracy and the corresponding class digital multimeter for quality inspection, measurement and instrumentation maintenance, parts detection
The calibrating types of test instrument including AC-DC voltage meter, ammeter, single / three phase active and reactive power meter, phase meter, power factor meter, frequency tables, synchronized tables, etc.
The calibrating transducer types are AC-DC voltage transducer, current transducer, single / three phase active and reactive power transmitter, phase transmitter, power factor transducer, frequency transducer, etc.
The calibrating energy meter types as electronic and sensing single-phase, three-phase active and reactive energy meter.
Storage capacity up to 1,000 calibrated meters' data.
5.4” TFT LCD display, touch pad and rotary encoder control, PC control software also available.
Output & Measuring AC Voltage
Available Ranges 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 750V, auto-shift
Adjustment range 0~120%Rg
Adjustment fineness Range x 0.01%
Resolution Range x 0.01%
Accuracy 0.05%Rg
Stability 0.01% / 1min
Output & Measuring AC Current
Available Ranges 100mA, 1A, 5A, 10A, 25A; auto-shift
Adjustment range 0~120%Rg
Adjustment fineness Range x 0.01%
Resolution Range x 0.01%
Accuracy 0.05%Rg
Stability 0.01% / 1min
Output & Measuring AC Power
Adjustment fineness Range x 0.01%
Resolution Range x 0.01%
Accuracy 0.05%Rg (Factor>0.5)
Stability 0.01% / 1min
Output & Measuring AC Frequency
Frequency Range 45.000~65.000Hz
Adjustment fineness 0.001Hz
Accuracy 0.01%RD
Output & Measuring AC Phase Angle
Phase Angle Range 0.00º~359.99º
Adjustment fineness 0.01º
Resolution 0.01
Accuracy 0.05º
Output & Measuring AC Power Factor
Output Range -1 ~ 0 ~ +1
Measuring Accuracy 0.0005
Adjustment fineness 0.0001
Output & Measuring Harmonic
Harmonic Setting 2~31
Harmonic Content voltage, current ≤30% (as against fundamental)
Harmonic Output Accuracy 0.1% (1st~19th, as against fundamental)
0.2% (20th~31st, as against fundamental)
Harmonic Phase 0~360º, adjustable
Measuring Electrical Energy
Measuring Accuracy 0.1%Rd, PF≥0.5
Voltage Range 100V, 220V, 380V
Current Range 0.05~24A
Distortion of AC Outputs
Distortion <0.2% (non-capacitance load)
Max Load Capacity of AC Voltage & Current
Voltage Output 25VA max
Current Output 25VA max
Power Supply & Environment
Ambient Temperature 22ºC ± 1ºC
Working Temperature 0ºC~40ºC, humidity≤85%RH
Nominal Input Voltage 115/230Vac appointed, ±10%
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
Connection Type Standard AC socket 60320
Weight & Size
Dimensions(W x D x H) 450mm×380mm×190mm
Weight 25kg
KS803 Standard Source is fully compatible with the relevant national Standards:
JJG124-93 Verification Regulation of Ammeter, Voltmeter & Ohmmeter
GB/T767-1999 Direct Acting Indicating Analogue Electrical Measuring Instruments & Accessories
SD110-83 Inspection Regulation of Electrical Indicating & Measuring Instruments
JJG440-86 Verification Regulation of Frequency Single Phase Meters
JJG603-89 Verification Regulation of Pointer Frequency Meters
JJG 307 -1998 Verification Regulation of Verification Equipment for AC Electrical Energy Meter
JJG596-1999 Verification Regulation of Electrical Energy Meters
GB/T 11150-2001 National Standard of Electrical Energy Meter Inspection Instruments
JJG (Power) 01-94 Verification Regulation of Electrical Measuring Transducers
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AC Standard Source
Harmonic Source
Power Standard Source
DC Standard Source
Instrument Calibration
Energy Meter Calibration
Transducer Calibration
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