KF900A IEC61850 Relay Tester

Item No.: 203007
Comprehensive test instrument develop based on intelligent substation testing, mainly function is protection relay testing, sampling value analysis, SCD file analysis/comparison and MMS service. Suitable for detection and testing of IED equipment such as intelligent substation protection relay, measurement and control device, merge unit and intelligent terminal. Also can used in signal check of substation control layer.
Light weight: < 2.75kg
Full touch screen operation
Description Specifications
The smallest digital relay tester, 10.4 inch high-definition capacitive LCD screen, the whole machine full touch screen operation;
Universal protection relay test function, With fully function of Manual test, state sequencer, Harmonic, recloser test , Line differential, Distance, Mutation distance, Overcurrent, Zero sequencer, Ramping, Power direction, Differential rate, Differential Harmonic, Overexcitation protection, Synchronize, Reserve power supply test, Busbar differential, Frequency test, Dv/Df test, etc.
With MMS communication service function, Real-time monitoring sampling value,binary input/output, warning event of protection relay and measurement&control device. Support protection relay setting online reading,modify and setting area switch. Support relaying plate enable/disable,switch on/off.
With secondary virtual terminal circuit auto test function, By sending SV and GOOSE message, and receiving MMS feedback which formed closed loop, realize automatic test of virtual terminals;
Supports consistency check of IED device model files. Obtain the IED device model online through MMS, compare it with the local SCD model file, and get the consistency result of model;
With background and substation control layer test function, by importing SCD file, it can simulate the protection, measurement & control device to send remote measure signal, remote control signal and other signals, access the station control layer network through MMS protocol, communicate with background and remote device, convenient and fast triggers all alarm events, changes the switch state ON or OFF, and current, voltage, and power values to achieve a point-to-point test with the monitoring background or the master station;
Support importing substation Excel point table, obtain channel mapping configuration of remote measure signal and remote control signal through SCD file, automatically generate station signal point table, and directly transmit remote measure signal and remote control signal according to point number order;
With SV, GOOSE message monitoring function. Real-time display of SV sample value amplitude, phase, frequency, waveform, vector and message source code, real-time display GOOSE virtual terminal status and message source code, record each virtual terminal turn over time and test GOOSE message transmission mechanism;
Supports transmission delay, SV message integrity, SV output accuracy, merge unit dispersion of timing and punctuality accuracy measurement;
Supports graphical display of SCD files, graphically displays IED device interconnections and connections of virtual terminal loops; with SCD file comparison function, and generates comparison reports;
Real-time message receiver compared with the SCD file to achieve consistency check of the SCD file;
Support recorder and PCAP file off-line analyze function, with PCAP message playback function.
Support IRIG-B sending function, can be used as time source, with 6 channels separate fiber IRIG-B signal.
Support Polarity checking function, support use DC method to checking polarity of protection/metering core of electromagnetic current transformer and electronic current transformer;
With optical power measurement function, off-site phase detection function, built-in lithium battery power supply, working time is more than 8 hours continuously.
Item Parameters
Fiber Port 8 pairs, LC type port, wave-length 1310nm
One of the optical ports is a dedicated 1000M optical module, which is suitable for 1000M networks.
Fiber serial port 8, ST type port, wave-length 850nm
6 sending, 2 receiving (Can be used as FT3 or IRIG-B)
Ethernet port 1100Base-TXRJ45
USB Port 1 
GPS Port 1 channel, GPS signal receiver internal
Analog input port(Optional) 4 or 8 pairs, 18 bit AD, 40kHz sampling rate, input range 0-250VAC
Hard contact binary input 1 Pair, Adaptive empty contact or potential contact (30~250V), response time ≤500μs
Hard contact binary output 1 pair, Open-collect type, blocking capacity more than 250V, 0.3A (DC), response time ≤ 100μs
Measure accuracy Voltage and current measurement accuracy error ≤0.05%
Frequency accuracy is better than 0.001Hz in the range of 15~1000Hz
Phase measurement accuracy error ≤0.01°
sending Accuracy voltage and current measurement accuracy error ≤0.05%
Frequency accuracy is better than 0.001Hz in the range of 10~1000Hz
Phase output accuracy error ≤0.01°
SV message output dispersion ≤±80ns
Fiber serial port transfer delay ≤100ns
SV output synchronize Time error between Fiber port <1μs
Power Supply Internal large capacity lithium battery pack
Power AdapterInput 220VAC/50Hz-20%~+20%
Output DC 15V±10%
Display 10.4 inch high-definition capacitive LCD screen (touch screen)
Size 320mm×250mm×100mm(L×W×H)
Weight <2.75kg